Action Update – September 19th, 2011

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“Hope everyone is doing well, here’s a quick Magnificent Bastard update from Musa Qal’eh. We completed the transfer of authority for the Musa Qal’eh and Now Zad districts in Helmand Province from 3d Battalion, 2d Marines, to 2/4 yesterday (17 Sep). Today (18 Sep), we celebrated our battalion’s official establishment 79 years ago in Shanghai, China, with a brief rededication of the campaign streamers on our Battle Colors. The District Governor and the leadership of our Afghan Army and Police counterparts attended. We translated the script into Pashto and had one of our linguists keep our guests up to speed. I enjoyed it and I think our guests did too, and as always the Color Guard did a great job.

The men of the battalion finally get to practice what they’ve trained hard for since the first of the year. Spirits are high and we’re settling in pretty well, there’s a lot to absorb from our brothers in 3/2. That battalion did a great job and we hope to stand on their shoulders as we move ahead in the next seven months.

I’ve already been to two “goat pulls” or feasts with our Afghan counterparts, and I’m happy to report my digestive system weathered the storm (so far). This deployment promises to offer everything a Marine looks for these days, from enemy action to helping the people of the districts move ahead. I’m very impressed with how quickly our young men have grabbed hold of our mission here.

I appreciate all the support for our departures from Camp San Mateo, it’s made a difference in the positive attitude of our Marines and Sailors. We’ll be busy this deployment but I’m confident we’re up to the task.

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