Action Update – November 23, 2011

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Best Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!

I am truly grateful this year for the support and generosity of all the members of our group. In June the San Clemente Marine Corps Support Group was just a thought “There is more support out there than people realize…all that is needed is someone to issue the call.” I was correct. As soon as the need was identified and the solution properly defined community members responded with rambunctious effort. I applaud you.

I can assure you that the Marines in the field are grateful for your efforts as well. Almost daily I hear a report from Afghanistan that the Marines appreciate what you are doing, they are encouraged by your notes and cards, wear our socks, and most of all understand that those at home remember them and their families during their absence.

The holidays are tough for the Men and Women in Afghanistan, memories of past Thanksgivings at home with their families are in their minds. They won’t be watching football, playing with the kids or eating their Mom’s casserole this year. And for the families at home it’s tough as well, a precious loved one will be gone, serving their country in a dangerous place.

I know the Marines pretty well. They’ll put on a game face and show up anyway. Perhaps the guys at the Forward Bases with get some Afghani version of Turkey Dinner, perhaps they’ll have to wait a day to enjoy a meal. The Marines will do their job, the wives and families will cook and talk to loved ones. They are a hardy lot.

Even though the holidays are upon us the needs of 2/4 are still uppermost in my mind. It’s Winter in Afghanistan and getting cold. We’ll be sending socks and blankets to the front lines. I’d like to send some Energy Shots. I’m hoping to supply whatever the Command deems necessary. So we’ve got two fund raisers coming up. On December 5th I’ll be at Shoreline Church for The Shops at Shoreline. I’ve never been before but my understanding is that it will showcase local charities for Holiday Giving. Please attend if you can. On December 16th we are hosting Warrior Night at On Target in Laguna Niguel, our second Shooting Competition. It will be bigger and more fun than our first competition with Prizes, Food and a Raffle. We’re taking reservations now, and limiting attendance to 200 shooters. Visit our website at to register.

Jim and I have started showing up on Del Mar on Sundays for the Farmer’s Market, we’re posted in front of the Beach Fire Grill. Please stop by to say hello and find out the latest news. I enjoy seeing everyone.

There will be plenty of Volunteer Opportunities throughout the month. The Battalions will be hosting Christmas Parties and of course the Families will need help during the holidays. I’ll keep you posted on our Calendar. Feel free to contact me, we’ll be at home until the 23rd of December.

Because of your staunch support we have been able to ship:

  • 2,500 Energy Shots
  • 12,500 Gun Wipes
  • 11,000 pairs of socks
  • 10 boxes of assorted food and snacks

since 2/4 deployed. Thank You for being the Marine Corps Supporters you are. Thank you for proving me right. Thank You for being a part of my world. Have a Wonderful Warm and Happy Thanksgiving!

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