Action Update – February 03, 2013

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2/4 is returning home from Afghanistan!  After a 7 month long deployment to Musa Qal’ah 1000 Marines will be returning to Camp Pendleton.  The ADVON team returned last week at 11 PM.  Their families, friends and the Wounded Warriors waited for 3 hours on the parade deck.  Juan G. provided music, we brought snacks, coffee, hot chocolate, tea and juice boxes for the kids.  It was a PARTY!….welcome home signs and lots of smiles.  The Patriot Guard escorted the Warriors home, there were kisses and hugs all around.

In stark contrast to these festivities, last week we also wished 2/5 farewell as they left for Afghanistan to replace 2/4.  It’s a somber leave taking for these families…for many it will be their first deployment.  It always amazes me to see these very young men board the buses in a matter of fact manner when they know some of them won’t be returning home and many of them will be injured.  This is the essence of bravery.  I am humbled by their commitment and concern for others.  My heart goes out to their equally brave families, who know that they will spend 7 anxious months trying not to be afraid but always wondering if their loved one is o.k.  I feel so privileged to know these fine people.
2/4 will be coming home in groups according to Company throughout the second half of the month, beginning March 19th at 11:45 AM.  That day we will welcome home 67 Marines attached to H&S.  We always provide food and drinks appropriate to  the time of day the buses are scheduled to arrive.  Please join us and feel free to donate snacks and drinks.
Our group has negotiated a special rate at the Holiday Inn Express at Pico Plaza for Marine Corps families in town for the return.  The spacious and very well appointed rooms will be available for $89/night and include a continental breakfast and access to a hospitality room next to the pool.  Just ask for the “Family Readiness Rate”.
This Sunday morning we will be putting together Goodie Bags for the families.  We’ll pack donated tshirts, coupons, brochures and magazines.  We can always use your help…please contact me if you have an hour or so, we’d love to have your help!
On March 16th we are hosting our third Warrior Night Competitive Shoot Out at On Target.  We are looking for Volunteers to help with food, raffle ticket sales, our Silent Auction and a hearty hand shake.  Please contact me if you are free that evening from 5-9, I’d love the share the time with you and you know that we worker bees always have a great time!  We are hosting our first Women’s Competition and we will also be raffling off a lesson for those in the lower 1/3 of scorers.  Should be fun!
Please tell your friends about our group and upcoming events.  You can always find more information on our website or feel free to contact me at 949-357-5555.

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