Our Mission

The San Clemente Marine Corps Support Group supports our Marines and their families, by honoring their courage and commitment at home and abroad. Seeking higher ground, together.

Why We Serve

Lcpl Donald J. Hogan

When many people think about the Military, it is of a faceless, ethereal concept and is therefore easy to forget and ignore. This was the case for my wife, Carla, and I as well.

Though both of our Fathers had served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, we had little knowledge of the commitment and sacrifice made by the 1% who wear our Nation’s cloth. Even when our son, Donald Hogan, joined the Marines, we were still unaware and ignorant.

This ignorance was brought to an end on August 26, 2009, when two Marines and a Navy Chaplain knocked on our door to inform us that our son had been killed by an IED. Following his death, we were immersed in a world of honor and commitment by men and women who cared for us in a fashion that can only be described as intimate. When asked for the reason for their kindness, we were simply informed that Donald was their brother, and that we were family.

This was the birth of the San Clemente Marine Corps Support Group (SCMCSG).

How We Serve

The San Clemente Marine Corps Support Group operates under the mantra of “Seeking Higher Ground.” In addition to describing our efforts to heal ourselves following our son’s death through service, it also means that we are continually looking for ways to serve the needs of an underserved community who put the needs of their Nation ahead of their own. SCMCSG is a registered 501 (C)(3) non-profit (Tax ID Number 45-2846419), therefore any contributions are tax-deductible.

While we have a national presence, we are still a “Mom and Pop” organization headquartered in our home. We take no salaries or pay them. We have no facilities. Volunteers shoulder much of the work done on our behalf. As a result, 98% of all donations go towards our programs that directly support the Marines and their families, including:

  • Socks for Heroes, which has shipped over 34 tons of socks, hygiene gear, and other essentials to Marine Corps and Army combat Infantry units overseas.
  • Recreational Grant Programs to provide Marine families the ability to take advantage of swimming lessons, sports, camps, and more.
  • Family Programs for single Marines and Marine families during deployments.

Furthermore, our mission at the San Clemente Marine Corps Support Group is to remind Americans of the level of sacrifice that the 1% makes for the rest of us. The military community is not composed of strangers, but the children of our Nation.

We encourage you to join us as we support our Marines in their effort to defend our freedoms!

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