America Shoots For Her Troops

America has been at war for 15 years. Since 9/11/2001, American Men and Women have been fighting against a Radical Islamic Insurgency in places like Iraq and Afghanistan to make sure that this type of terror never finds its way to our shores.

However, over the years, the media has chosen to forget these warriors, but the rank and file citizens of America have not. Come out and join other Patriots in letting our Troops know that they have not been forgotten by joining us for the “America Shoots For Her Troops” event on Sunday, March 26th at FT3 Tactical in Stanton, California.

How it works

48 shots from the latest in SigSauer firearms!
  • 10 shots from the SigSauer MPX 9MM Carbine
  • 10 shots from the SigSauer MCX 5.56 Special Operations Rifle
  • 10 shots from SigSauer 516 5.56 M4 Rifle
  • 10 shots from the SigSauer MK25 9mm Pistol – The same one the Navy Seals use
  • 8 shots from the SigSauer P220 .45 ACP Pistol


48 shots for a $45 donation to help our troops and their families through Socks for Heroes and the San Clemente Marine Corps Support Group.

Standard Registration

  • Single Shooter: $45
  • Sponsor a Shooter: $45
  • Squad Discount: $175
  • Active Duty: $15

Volume Shooter

  • Shoot 3 times – $105 – BEST VALUE
  • Shoot 5 times – $150

Sponsor Packages

  • Lane Sponsor $250 – Five entries
  • Prize Sponsors $500 – Ten entries
  • Event Sponsor $1,000 – Twenty entries
  • Anchor Sponsor $2,500 – Forty entries

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